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Symantec™ Safe Site Certificate @ ₹2670/month addtocart

Symantec Safe Site Summary

The Symantec Safe Site allows your business to display the most trusted site seal in the world on your website. The Norton Secure Seal is displayed all over the web more than a half a billion times a day across 170 countries. Online shoppers know that this seal is synonymous with reputable and that your company has been vetted by an industry leader in web security. Since this is not an SSL certificate, no encryption is provided, but it is an excellent security product for websites without a need for SSL but looking for a boost in trust. This product also comes with daily malware scanning and Symantec’s Seal-in-Search technology, which display the popular Norton symbol next to your URL in search engines.


    Mobile & Browser Compatibility

    The Safe Site can be read across virtually all major browsers and mobile devices.

    Mobile compatibilities include:

    icon-checkmark Android (carrier specific)
    icon-checkmark Apple iPhone and iPod Safari
    icon-checkmark Microsoft Windows Mobile 5 & 6
    icon-checkmark Microsoft Windows CE 4.0
    icon-checkmark Microsoft IE Pocket PC 2003
    icon-checkmark Microsoft IE Smartphone 2003
    icon-checkmark RIM Blackberry 4.3.0
    icon-checkmark Major Operators Inc. Vodaphone
    icon-checkmark Orange
    icon-checkmark AT&T
    icon-checkmark NTT/DoCoMo
    icon-checkmark SoftBank Mobile
    icon-checkmark KDDI
    icon-checkmark Brew
    icon-checkmark PalmOS 5.x
    icon-checkmark Netfront 3.0+
    icon-checkmark Opera 4.10+
    icon-checkmark Openwave mobile browser 6.20+
    icon-checkmark Major handset providers
    icon-checkmark SonyEricsson
    icon-checkmark Nokia


      Product Specifications & Features

      icon-checkmark  Turn visitors into loyal customers by displaying the mark that more online consumers recognize and trust. The Norton Secured Seal is displayed over half a billion times per day on websites in 170 countries.
      icon-checkmark  Give your customers the confidence to click. You can generate confidence by displaying a Norton Secured Seal on websites and in search engine results.


      icon-checkmark  Symantec Safe Site is a fully Business Validated site seal.
      icon-checkmark  Norton Secured Seal, the most recognized trust mark on the Internet.
      icon-checkmark  Authentication of your organization and website.
      icon-checkmark  Symantec Seal-in-Search.
      icon-checkmark  Daily website malware scanning.


        Symantec™ Secure Site Certificate @ ₹3100/month addtocart

        Symantec™ Secure Site Summary

        PLEASE NOTE: Symantec™ Secure Site now secures both www & non-www domain names with the purchase of a single certificate. The free SAN included is for your base domain only.

        Symantec™ is the world’s most trusted SSL certificate brand in the world, as their certificates display the globally recognized Norton™ Secured Seal on every site they protect. The Symantec Secure Site is the most feature-rich Organization Validated (OV) certificate in the industry, offering the highest possible encryption rate, daily malware scanning, along with the highest industry warranty ($1,500,000). With these features and the Norton Seal, the Secure Site is sure to provide top-of-the-line protection and the highest level of trust to any e-commerce business.


          Mobile & Browser Compatibility

          This SSL certificate is extremely compatible.

          icon-checkmark  Microsoft Pocket Internet Explorer.
          icon-checkmark  Palm / Handspring Blazer 2.0+
          icon-checkmark  Apple Iphone, Ipad Safari.
          icon-checkmark  NTT Do Co Mo.
          icon-checkmark  Microsoft Internet Explorer Smartphone 2003.
          icon-checkmark  Sony Playstation Portable.
          icon-checkmark  Sony Netjuke Audio.
          icon-checkmark  Netfront 3.0+
          icon-checkmark  Blackberry.
          icon-checkmark  AT&T.
          icon-checkmark  Openwave.
          icon-checkmark  Brew.
          icon-checkmark  Vodaphone.


            Features & Benefits

            icon-checkmark  Secure Site SSL is a fully Business Validated Certificate.
            icon-checkmark  Symantec Secure Site covers both www & non-www versions.
            icon-checkmark  Full business authentication
            icon-checkmark  40-bit to 256-bit Encryption.
            Secure up to 25 Domains.
            Norton™ Secured Seal.
            Free Installation Checker
            Symantec Secure Site SSL carry warranty of $1,500,000
            icon-checkmark  Includes Reissuance Insurance
            icon-checkmark  99.9% Browser Recognition Rate
            icon-checkmark  Supports Mobile Devices
            icon-checkmark  Norton™ Daily Malware Scanning (Behavioral/Predictive)
            icon-checkmark  Unlimited & FREE Self-Service Reissues
            icon-checkmark  Customer Portal to Manage your New and Existing Orders
            icon-checkmark  FREE 24/7 Technical Support
            icon-checkmark  FREE Installation Guidelines
            icon-checkmark  30 Day Money Back Guarantee!
            icon-checkmark  Private IP addresses (RFC 1597) allowed.
            icon-checkmark  SAN hosts allowed different domains
            icon-checkmark  Supports 2 encryption algorithms, RSA and DSA
            icon-checkmark  Secure Multiple Domains on a Single IP Address**

            ** Applicable to a server that supports SNI (Server Name Indication)