Data Center

Quickhost only uses top brand high performance reliable equipment and servers. Our network is a 100% Cisco network. We use Cisco routers and Cisco switches.
No hubs!

We offer and support advanced Internet tools such as load balancing, clustering, firewalls, cache, data storage devices, etc. We use only up-to-date powerful servers. Unlike some low-end server hosting companies, we do not use any Celeron, AMD and Cyrix chips. We do not use any IDE hard drives. We use only Intel chips designed for servers. We use only SCSI hard drives.


The Quickhost data centers are supplied with triple power feeds. In the event of a power outage, the data centers are equipped with 1500 KVA ONAN diesel generators. The generators are tested every week. When a power outage is detected, the generators will start automatically within 15 seconds. With one tank of gas in the generator, it can power 15000 servers for 36 hours. Fuel can be added to keep the network up and running indefinitely.

The data centers also use MGE data center Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). The UPS’s has been installed to constantly monitor and regulate the quality of power coming from the wall so that equipment always receives the clean 120-volt power for which it was designed.


The Quickhost data centers are protected by redundant Liebert indoor cooling systems and are kept at an optimal temperature. These cooling systems provide precise, reliable control of room temperature, humidity, and airflow that improves operating conditions for sensitive electronic equipment.


Quickhost data centers are engineered to be protected from fire damages. They have concrete floors, all steel ceilings, fire proof walls, and steel framed racks. There is no flammable material inside the data center area.

Our data centers are equipped with zoned, dry-pipe, pre-action sprinkler systems requiring two or more sensors to activate to prevent accidental discharge. We use state-of-the-art VESDA system for fire monitoring and protection.


There are four levels of security for physical access to securely hosted servers and equipment at Quickhost data centers. The first level is code access to the building. Everyone will need a private code or someone with a code to assist you to get into the building.

The second level is biometric access to the floor. Quickhost data center staff or data center visitors will need to pass a biometric palm scanner to gain access to internal offices.

The third level is the card reader access to the server area. All access information such who and when gained access to the server area are logged. Security manager can review such access information at anytime. The fourth level is locked cabinets for securely hosted servers. Keys are required to open such locked cabinets.

In addition to four level physical access control, the data center is also monitored by security cameras and data center staff 24×7.

Quickhost data center network security is a combination of firewalls on network routers and switches, dedicated network firewalls, and software firewalls on each server. Data transfers can be secured by VPN, SSL, and SSH.

Quickhost Network

To ensure QuickHost hosted web pages get to users fast, our data center is directly linked to the world’s best Internet backbones such as UUNET(MCI), Sprint, AT&T, Level 3, and QWest. Our data centers are currently linked to 5 of the top Internet backbones.

Quickhost Network

We purchase our backbone connections from these top rated providers where network uptime is guaranteed. We do not exchange traffic free with other providers at public exchange points such as MAE-East and MAE-West. Such peering agreement has no service quality guarantee. You often see packet loss at these public exchange points. QuickHost’s state-of-the-art Internet data center is engineered for high performance and redundancy. It has rich fiber connections to all major carriers and scalable bandwidth capacity from OC3 to OC192.