Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy

We take your privacy seriously. Because there is not one standard expectation of privacy, we have created this privacy policy to set out how we handle information that may be considered to be private. It is important to know that all information we possess may be included in the sale of our business, or a portion of our business, to a third party.

Our Privacy Policy is dynamic. Except in the case of an emergency, or to remedy a typographical error, if we make changes, we will provide you with thirty days prior written notice. After the thirty-day period has passed, you will be deemed to have accepted the changes. If the changes we make materially alter your ability to use the Services, you may terminate the affected Services by providing us with written notice of your intent to terminate, and setting out the reasons the change has materially affected your use of the Services. If we determine that the change has had this effect, you will be entitled to terminate the Services without charge or penalty.

This Privacy Policy only applies to information provided to us. The Services may incorporate Third Party Products, as defined in the Terms of Service. To the extent this incorporation is transparent to you, the privacy policies of the providers of Third Party Products have been incorporated into this Privacy Policy. However, if a customer has the option of choosing a Third Party Product, or incorporates it into the Services on its own, those privacy policies are specifically excluded from this Privacy Policy. It is a your obligation to determine how the privacy policies of Third Party Products not covered by this Privacy Policy affect their information, and that of their customers.

1. Customer Information

  • When you sign up for Services, we collect information from you that includes your name, email-address, billing address, payment information, address information, and secondary contact information. This is referred to as the “Customer Record.”
  • You may access your Customer Record, and make changes, by through your Control Panel.
  • We use the Customer Record to communicate with you, collect payment and to establish ownership of the Services.
  • Information in the Customer Record will be provided to third parties whose products are incorporated into the Services.
  • Your email address may be shared with third parties who may use it to market to you.
  • When you contact us for support for your services you will be asked to match certain information that is in your Customer Record. This information will be used to identify you personally. In the course of providing support to you, we may annotate the Customer Record with information disclosed while providing support.
  • The Customer Record may be provided to law enforcement officials, civil litigants and as otherwise required by law, or as is necessary to protect our business.

2. Access Information

  • Each time you, your customer, or an entity accessing the Services through you, access the Services, we collect the IP address used to access the Services, the browser type, the length of time the Services were accessed, the resources used during the time accessed, and where you go on the site (Access Information).
  • Access Information is used to bill you, to understand how our Services are used, and to optimize our network.
  • Access Information in the aggregate may be used by third parties to help us market our services, and to market services to our customers in general.
  • Access Information may be used to display advertising on our site.
  • The Access Information may be provided to law enforcement officials, civil litigants and as otherwise required by law, or as is necessary to protect our business.

3. Cookies

  • We use cookies on our site.
  • Cookies are used to keep you logged into the site, track where you have been, and in some cases display advertising to you.
  • Cookie information is transmitted to third parties and may be used for advertising.
  • You may disable cookies on your browser, but certain aspects of our site will not display properly without them.

4. WHOIS Information

  • The contact information that you provide to us to register your domain name is available for public viewing in many places. We are required to provide this information to domain name registrars.
  • We do offer, through a third party, WHOIS privacy. WHOIS privacy services use a proxy identity in lieu of yours. However, this proxy does not mean that your information is private. Only that it will not be displayed pursuant to a WHOIS query.
  • We are required to disclose WHOIS information, including WHOIS information that is subject to WHOIS privacy, pursuant to ICANN requirements and the law.

5. Identification Tools

We may use automated identification tools like Google Analytics (Information Tools). Each of these Identification Tools work differently, however, they all collect information related to the website you came to us from, your operating system, browser type, where you go on our website, length of time on our website, and where a you go after visiting our website. In addition, Identification Tools may keep you logged into our system. From time to time, we may use Identification Tools that will be used to serve advertising and other information to you after they visit our website. Because the technologies underlying Identification Tools differ, you may, or may not, be able to choose not to provide information to them.

6. Support Information; AQ and Forum Information

We offer you the ability to exchange information about our services, and your experiences with these services (Forum Information). Forum Information is publically accessible and may be indexed by search engines and other tools. You are not required to disclose information that will identify you personally in order to participate in these tools. All Forum Information may be accessed and used by third parties for purposes known and unknown to us.

7. Security Monitoring

We take the security of our network very seriously. To ensure network security, data integrity and privacy, we use programs that monitor network traffic and access to its network. These programs collect information regarding your use of our services, website and network (Traffic Information). Traffic Information may be disclosed to security monitoring firms, as required by law, and to our vendors who believe the security of either their network, or our network, has been compromised. This information may contain personally identifiable information.